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    Eating after a workout is important as it helps your body to get back everything lost. Many people make the mistake of not eating after a workout

The Best Foods To Eat After A Workout

Eating after a workout is important as it helps your body to get back everything lost. Many people make the mistake of not eating after a workout session hence they do not get their desired result. The following foods are high in protein and carbs which help in replenishing your body, and your body add mass and muscles.

Greek Yogurtc acffs

A Greek yogurt is an excellent source of good carbohydrates; It has more protein than regular yogurt. Add Greek yogurt to your fruit or cereal for extra effectiveness.

Fresh Berries/ Fruit Salad

After a workout, fresh berries contain enzymes which are thought to help with soreness.Example Kiwi is known for assistance in the breakdown of amino acids, and digestion. All these fruits assist in revitalization and muscle function.

Baked Chicken And Vegetables

The chicken needs to be skinless and baked, ensure it is the chicken breast part as it has a lot of fat. Chicken is loaded with meat that is monosaturated and potassium. The vegetable add fiber and carbohydrates to make the meal complete. This meal of vegetables and the chicken is the best meal one can eat after a workout. It provides your body with the things it needs to achieve its full potential after a workout.

Egg Omelet

It is healthy for you to eat cooked eggs after a workout. One of the best ways is to prepare and eat an omelet. Reason being you can put a bunch of other healthy stuff in the omelet like onions, chicken, green paper and another kind of vegetables.Eggs are one of the best sources of protein.

Spinach and Salmon

Salmon is very rich in omega 3 and protein while spinach and minerals and vitamins you need. This food gives your body everything it needs after a workout.


Milk is the best drink or food to eat after a workout. Milk contains sugar, calcium, water and protein that helps to refuel the muscles.

Toast And Peanut Butter

wfcxfxscfBread is for carbohydrates, and peanut butter contains protein. Your body simply needs this after a workout. Make sure you eat natural peanut a whole bread. You can add a glass of milk and fruit to have all the essentials your body needs. It is a quick and easier way to get back the nutrients lost in the body during the workout.

Tuna And Rice

Tuna is a good way to give back your body the nutrients you need. Rice adds carbohydrates and fiber to your body which makes it a complete meal.

Signs Of Depression In Teens

When a teenager is suffering from a mental health problem, it becomes difficult to deal with his or her adolescent journey. Depression is one of a mental health problem a teen can suffer from. Handling a teen with a mental health issue is not easy especially when the parents overlook the problems.

Symptoms can deteriorate and can complicate the treatment process is not attended to at the initial stage. Here are signs that may suggest your teen could be suffering from depression:

Extreme Melancholydxsqdxzdea

Extreme severe or mild sadness in a teen can be a sign of depression. Teenage phase is a phase whereby¬†one is¬†enthusiasm and full of energy. It’s normal for a teen to be excited about life, but when they are the opposite, it’s a sign of turmoil and trouble inside them. It’s about time to intervene if you realize a deep sadness in a teen.

Drastic and Abrupt Change In Weight and Eating Habits

Studies reveal if a child is paranoid about her or his weight, especially obese teens it can be a sign of depression. When a teen also suddenly has added extra bulges and changed the food habit, it could also be a sign of the onset of depression.

Depleting Self-Esteem

Depleting of self-worth triggered by depression occurs when a confident teen becomes skeptical of her or his ability. Depression occurs when self-confidence and self-believe deeply corroded.

Unusual Sleep Pattern

Depression also affects one’s sleep. If your child stays awake in the night or adequately sleep, it’s high time to consult a psychiatrist. Deprived sleep can be the begging of trouble for your child very soon.

Becoming A Recluse

sfcxsfxsfsafTeenage is all about bonding. Making and hanging out with peers and friends is natural for teenagers, at times it becomes too much for parents who disapprove of their constant time wasting. But when a teen refrains with others and stays alone it could be due to depression. If your teen prefers to stay alone all the time you should initiate a discussion with them and probe them further.

Complaints Of Physical Discomfort

A depressed teen is likely to complain of pain and discomfort. There could be lethargy and fatigue for no reason. A complaint like that from a child should be taken seriously and should be addressed as soon as possible as it could be a fallout of depression.

People overcome depression if the seek treatment at the right time and go on and excel in life as depression is curable. There are rehabilitation centers available where your loved ones can be confined in.